[Scribus] License of scripts

jon info
Thu Jan 18 23:27:53 CET 2007

I am not a coder nor am I a lawyer, but what if someone put his 
invention of editing methods (the script/extension, bound to scribus) 
under a restrictive license AND the scribus team decides (by chance) 
that this function would be useful to be implemented into scribus?
Will this be a problem of copyright infringement? Do they HAVE to pay 
for the idea?

> If someone wants to modify the code of Scripter, then, yes, that would 
> be a
> derivative work and fall under the GPL. It does all come down to the 
> fact
> about distribution. If someone writes an inhouse modification, ie not 
> for
> redistribution, they are not forced to release the code.
> If you want to write a bunch of scripts and have a different licence 
> and
> package them together, I dont see a problem with them being a different
> licence to Scribus. They may only work with Scribus, however their 
> existence
> does not modify the existence of Scribus or its code, or the rights to 
> that
> code.
> Craig

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