[Scribus] Color Management issues

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists
Sat Jan 13 11:55:13 CET 2007

Hi there,

this week, I've come across a color management issue with Scribus. I'm
using on Linux (thanks to mrdocs for the SuSE RPMs!).

I'm using sRGB as the source profile and EuroscaleCoated as
printer/destination profile. Now if I include an RGB picture into
Scribus and produce a CMYK PDF (Printer target), the picture comes out
different than when I convert the RGB picture to CMYK with embedded
EuroscaleCoated profile using tifficc. The picture converted by Scribus
looked greenish (there were mostly yellow/orangish colors in the picture).

I can provide test SLAs and images, if there is a need to.

I supposed that embedding an image into a Scribus document, then
exporting to PDF with Printer target, should produce the same result as
converting to CMYK first, then exporting.

I used "tifficc -i sRGB.icc -o EuroscaleCoated.icc -t1 -b -c2 -e" for the
conversion which should be equivalent to setting all rendering intents
in Scribus to "Relative Colorimetric" and using the same profiles.

Is this a known issue?




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