[Scribus] Work stuck in Scribus...

Branko Vukelic bg.branko
Sat Jan 13 04:15:14 CET 2007

On Saturday 13. January 2007. 04:04, Dean McCorquodale wrote:
> Branko
> I could be wrong in saying this but 1337 is a developement branch. You
> would be safer using the latest stable version. I think it is now 1334.
> answer 1: If your printer has no problems opening a 1.4 pdf then go for
> it.

I will bundle a readme.txt with the files. I've managed to produce a PDF 1.3 
file without transparency to be used as a last resort. The artwork was 
modified (see below) and it doesn't quite look as good, but it will print. 

BTW, I've checked the release announcements again:

"We now recommend all distributions package from now o?n."

from release suggests that versions are considered stable. 
Anyway, apart from some features that I miss (which have all been reported by 
others at the bugtracker) I find quite stable.

> answer 2: ( a guess :) It may be that pdf 1.3 doesn't support
> transparencies?

I have recreated the original artwork to look as close to original as possible 
but without using transparencies. A bit more work than I originally planned 
for, but it seems like the only option. I've seen a request for transparency 
flattener at the bugtracker. Hope it makes it into 1.3.5 or something closer 
to now than future. :)

> answer 3: Supply him with a copy of scribus :)

Yes, that's exactly what I'll have to do. I can't seem to export a usable EPS 
(usable would be editable in this case). I'll also give him Inkscape. Maybe 
throw in a GIMP there as well. :D Good thing about free software, indeed.

I hope he won't expect me to train him, tho. :)

> answer 4: Got no idea. I'll try to find out.....later


Best regards,


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