[Scribus] OS X Aqua

avox avox
Fri Jan 12 23:22:07 CET 2007

info-1328 wrote:
> I am curious too,
> will there be a new 1.3.x Version for OS-X 10.3.9/Aqua-native or do I 
> have to wait
> until further releases?

I just uploaded a first release candidate of ScribusAqua to

This is a single bundle which includes all libraries (except for
ghostscript). No installation necessary.

It was build on PPC 10.4.8, but others have run it in 10.3.9, PPC 10.4.3 and
even on IntelMac under Rosetta.

I spent two days on getting the colors of TIF images right, so please report
a bug if you find any issues. PNG and JPG should also work, put PSD images
on PPC are broken and will not be fixed in the 1.3.3.x series.


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