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Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Jan 12 10:49:43 CET 2007

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> Date: 12-01-2007 6:49
> On 1/11/07, Tom Davidson <mail at tomdavidson.org> wrote:
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> > ... We are not so much after generic document generations, but the
> > to collaboratively work on existing PDFs...
> In this case then, if you are still interested in a Free Open Source
> Solution for collaboratively filling out PDF forms then I suggest you look
> into importing the PDF files to Inkscape as PNG files, zipping the
> inkscape/image files and sending that back and forth to re-open and edit
> native Inkscape .svg files until you are ready for final output.
> Inkscape also available for Windows (in addition to Linux, OSX, etc) at
> http://inkscape.org

Why would you suggest Inkscape for editing a PNG made from a PDF over
Scribus? In Scribus, you can import a PDF into an image frame and place text
frames over the top as required. SVG's text capabilities are average, and
Inkscape cannot handle the creation of PDF forms.

The importation of PDF into Scribus image frames depends heavily on
Ghostscript and if it is too old or not there, it just won't work. There are
3 varieties, ESP, GPL and AFPL, of which AFPL leads the way but all are
available in an 8.x version, with 8.54 being the latest.

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