[Scribus] 1.3.4 release estimate

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Wed Jan 10 21:35:17 CET 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 04:28:31 +0800
"Clayborne Arevalo" <clayborne.arevalo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Should failure to import 1.3.3 files be considered
> a bug (that is, are files created by 1.3.3 going to be supported
> by 1.3.4)? I've had issues opening files I created in 1.3.3 in my
> cvs sourced 1.3.4. It seems to process the file but just hangs
> after the progress bar disappears (the file is 100% read but
> the layout doesn't pop up).

Are you sure?  Sometimes it can take several minutes (with nothing apparently
happening) before the document appears on your screen, depending on the length
and complexity of your document.  That's even after the progress bar hits 100%.

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