[Scribus] PDF version of psutils?

Clayborne Arevalo clayborne.arevalo
Tue Jan 9 21:55:23 CET 2007

I'm looking for a pdf manipulation tool that runs on Unix or GnuOS and
does what psutils does. In particular I'm looking for the abilities to
select (psselect), sort in signature order (psbook) and impose the
pages on a large sheet of paper (psnup). Is there such a program?

Preferably the program should be command-line or have command-line
capabilities (so it can be scripted). I've looked into pdftk and it
seems to be missing the key ability to impose multiple pages on a
single sheet.

Side problem: My present system of saving to plain PostScript, feeding
the PS to psutils, then converting back to PDF produces a PDF file
where the extended Latin characters, such as the n with tilde (U+00F1)
or e with acute (U+00E9), are replaced by boxes. Interestingly,
however, the extended punctuation like the emdash and the curly quotes
are retained

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