[Scribus] (OT) Printing PDFs

Gregory L. Marx chekmarx
Sat Jan 6 20:38:06 CET 2007

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> <snip>
> If I print from Adobe Reader, either the Linux version (7.0.8) or the
> Windows version via CrossOver Office (7.0.5), I have two options. I can
> use an lp or lpr command and insert -n or -# to the command, or I can
> use the print dialog box to specify the number of copies and check the
> Collated box. If I use the lp or lpr command it does not access the
> "RIP once, print many" feature. It will print the specified number of
> copies and they will be collated, but each copy will print at only
> about 15 ppm because it must re-image the job for each copy. I have
> read all the documentation I can find on the lp and lpr commands, but I
> cannot find a way to tell it to use "RIP once, print many."
> Furthermore, if I shut down the computer (a laptop), the print job
> ceases, because evidently the lp or lpr command is sending the job over
> and over again for the specified number of copies.
This sounds like a printer-control/driver issue of some sort. I may be 
wrong but I'd think you'd have the same issue under windows if you were 
using LP/LPR with windows as well.

I'd look into using HP PCL (printer control language) via ESC codes and 
whether LPR allows for interjecting a PCL string somewhere into the 
process of transferring data to the printer.

HP used to give really nice programming/language books with their 
Laserjets years ago. I used to design and print out custom letterheads 
using a simply ASCII file containing the control strings and dumping it 
to the needed port/print queue. This was before windows, back in the 
dark-n-scary days of DOS and Netware.



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