[Scribus] PDF in Windows

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 4 17:47:05 CET 2007

Tom Davidson wrote:
> Hi, Finally "sold" a few friends on scribus (it wasnt really a hard 
> sale or anything :) ) but they are Windows users and we can't open 
> pdfs like I can with linux.
> When we attempt to open a pdf, we get an error the the pdf is not 
> properly formatted. it works with other readers and more importantly 
> with scribus on my linux desktop.
Doesn't really make sense. I have never seen problems in either 
direction, making a PDF in Windows, viewing in Linux, or vice versa.

Something must be wrong with their PDF viewers, or the PDF got 
corrupted. Have you had them give you their PDFs to see if you can open 
Make sure they're using the latest Scribus -- should be
Maybe a uninstall/reinstall of Scribus is worth a try.


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