[Scribus] Templates for Windows - here they are, was: Re: installing extra templates for scribus (2)

Michael Logies logies
Wed Jan 3 23:46:35 CET 2007

At 01.01.2007 22:36 Anco & Ewien van Bergeijk wrote:

> On which website can I easily find (and download) additional
> templates for *Scribus *? I searched on the internet and
> found some websites, but all of them for Unix, Linux.....


a few days ago I asked the same question (see below) and nobody answered. It seems, that users of Windows are not too popular here.  ;-)
I don`t know whether I was exactly doing what is considered right, but at least it worked 5 minutes ago. Get the following zipped file which I just packaged for you (I hope that`s legal), unzip and copy it over your Scribus\share\templates directory:

BTW, Scribus is a great program and I hope that it will prosper, even if it should be for us lowly windows users.  ;-)   But I still miss drag and drop.  :-)





I`m new to DTP and Scribus. I was very impressed by an apple demo of what and how fast DTP can do today:
http://www.apple.com/business/profiles/friedman/ (don`t miss the video)
The keys to fast DTP seem to be good templates and "drag and drop". In the windows edition of Scribus only 5 templates are included. I searched the web and found:
scribus-template_1.2.1.orig.tar.gz and
I could open the archives (with "Total Commander" with rpm-plugin), but what to do next? What do I have to do that they are offered as templates within Scribus (Windows)?

Do you have any plans to include "drag and drop" for Scribus (Windows)? It`s working from my picture database (Picasa, for Windows/Linux) to Openoffice and to Thunderbird. It would be nice for Scribus, too.



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