[Scribus] newbie question: picture size

Riku Leino tsoots
Wed Feb 28 06:12:11 CET 2007

D. R. Evans wrote:
> The picture exists as a PNG file, intended to be printed at 300dpi.
> But when I "Get Picture", only part of the picture fits in the frame.
> And if I click "Info" on the picture frame, it says that the original
> DPI is 72 and the Actual DPI is also 72.
> Where does Scribus get the number "72" from? and how do I change it so
> it knows that I am working at 300dpi?

Depends on the scaling. You can scale it from the Properties Palette's Image 
page to get 300 dpi there. You could also resize the frame to the intended 
print size and from the image page click on the "Scale to frame size".

> (This is 64-bit Scribus, as supplied with Kubuntu dapper.)

You really should update your Scribus. The latest stable version is 
There will be huge difference with these two versions (for good). 
http://debian.scribus.net should have all the info you need.

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