[Scribus] PDF export despite high memory usage

Khiraly khiraly123
Sat Feb 24 17:12:46 CET 2007

Finally I merged the 6 individual .sla file into one.
The postscript import was really painfull, 
each one took at least a half an hour.

Now I have my 6 pages scribus file one image on each.
One I open the file the scribus eats 800MB, even if I turn the show
image option off.

When I export pdf, the OOM killer kills it, because eats up all  my
memory (1GB+256MB swap. I have 1.5GB in my laptop, but my laptop hard
freeze with high mem support compiled into my kernel, so I use only the
first 1Gig).

There is a way to export this document (command line option or such?).
Or there is a way to keep down the memory usage?

(the 6 .psd file take 1GB of disc space)


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