[Scribus] Python API: How to copy and paste?

Robin Munn robin.munn
Fri Feb 23 18:46:50 CET 2007

On 2/23/07, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:
> It's curious that someone who can write Python fears the learning of the
> command line.

Personally, I *love* the command line. I'd rather have a command-line
tool available than a GUI tool, because you can script a command-line

But I've done about five years of tech support work. And what I
learned in that time is that average users are scared of the command
line. It's intimidating. If something requires the command line, they
simply *will not* use it. Not all of them -- but the vast majority.
No, that's not ideal. It would be great if people weren't scared of
learning the power of the command line. But it's reality.

I want to help people get away from the shackles of proprietary
software. I see a *lot* of people stuck with tools like MS Publisher,
when they could be using something better. I want to help them. But
that means giving them a nice GUIfied interface to things, because the
simple reality is that they just aren't going to use anything
command-line oriented. They're scared of it, or else they're simply
too busy with their "real job" (medicine, teaching, whatever) to learn
it. I don't want them to be stuck using proprietary stuff simply
because they're doctors or teachers, rather than computer programmers.
That's what distros like Ubuntu are all about, and that's also the
main goal I'm focusing on as I contribute code to various projects
such as Scribus.

Thus, my attempt to wrap the booklet-making process into a simple
script. I had several friends who were trying to produce booklets ask
about whether Scribus can do it. I started researching it, and
discovered that it's possible, but the process is too complicated for
them to follow. I could do it, but they can't. So I'm trying to make
it possible for people like them.

Robin Munn
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