[Scribus] XML and textstyle filter

Femke Snelting snelting
Tue Feb 20 18:46:31 CET 2007


Mute Magazine http://www.metamute.org/ the English mag for 'culture and 
politics after the net' is currently working with us* to port their 
printed magazine from InDesign to Scribus :-) . The plan is to test 
things out on the upcoming March issue, and if allworks out, their 
summer issue will be done for real in Scribus.

As Mute is operating both off and on line, and has amongst many other 
services, a 'Print on Demand' branch, we have been following the recent 
posts on end-to-end publishing with interest.

But to begin more modestly, we are trying to find a way to clean up web 
content while retaining markup, before importing material into Scribus. 
Researching possibilities, we came across the amazing text-filter 
feature and were wondering:

- Will the way filtering is handled change a lot with the new text 
engine coming up?
- Is there a way the filter can handle html tags, or only after closing 
tags have been stripped off before import?
- Will there be many changes to the way styles operate in the upcoming 
version of Scribus?

Thanks in advance for your help,



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