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Luis Eva Ferreira luisef
Tue Feb 20 11:12:38 CET 2007

I all
I'm  new at Scribus ( and at any software of the kind, so excuse  
me for my ignorance.
I?m having 2 major problems on creating PDF documents.
1. the text (after exportation to PDF) of all my bookmarks look like a  
"py" or something like that. Why?
2. my PDF annotations looks good on Scribus editing text, but wen open in  
Adobe Reader, where text have "(" it always appeaser withe dashes "\\\"  
before the firts and last comas, like the example: "liposomes  
What I'm doing wrong?
Just one more question. I know that it sounds crazy  but who can I  
decrease  the size (Kb) of a PDF document created with Scibus?
I know that I'm going to lose quality but I'm needing smaller PDF files to  
Usando o M2, revolucion?rio cliente de e-mail do Opera:  

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