[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 48, Issue 38

Roger hovergo
Sat Feb 17 09:36:29 CET 2007

Any ideas why? And can anyone suggest a GUI Text editor that doesn't
exhibit this behavior?

If you're on Linux take the time to learn some VIM, or it's GUI equivalent GVIM
  its an editor that doesn't have many of the hangups of gui editors, however
the commands while very fast and comfortable, take an hour or so to get used to.
  Once learned, one misses them and frequently wishes they were available in
gedit and windows notepad.

You will get <ctrl s> mixed up between vim and gedit (I do all the time) in vim
to save it's <esc: w> no uppercase in vim.
quit is <esc: wq> esc/colon//write/quit. Delete line is <esc: d n n> where d
means delete n means line number to line number.
The esc colon  <esc :> sequence is a good thing, just takes a bit of getting usd to.

Vim opens just about anything for editing, its deliciously dangerous and a
godsend at the same time and has automatic text highlighting.

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