[Scribus] Memory Consumption on Image Frames

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Feb 13 01:49:51 CET 2007

Nicol?s Carranza wrote:

> But... I really think that scribus needs better image handling (caching) 
> so that I can see the images in its full resolution  because I need to 
> do annotations about those images as an end product.

I tend to agree. Even if it's done by caching images in a scratch 
directory if they're above a certain size (or the cache overall grows 
above a certain size) and loading them on demand it'd help a fair bit. 
Scribus would also need to generate image previews more efficiently in 
the first place, but Franz has been working on that one.

Adobe Reader handles this in PDF by just loading the image from the PDF 
each time. It has some very fast code for rendering common types of PDF 
image, but even so it still gets very sluggish on image-heavy PDFs.

Craig Ringer

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