[Scribus] Scribus: Images management

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Feb 10 16:27:14 CET 2007

Alberto Zeni wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Scribus by my Mac mini G4 PPC OS X Tiger.
> I opened a Scribus file previously made on a PC by Linux and, as the  
> images path and directory is different, by Images Management (I'm  
> translating from Italian into English) I tried to point Sribus to the  
> directory where the images really are, but unsuccessfully, as when I  
> last come to the right place and select it nothing changed and the  
> images (.jpg) were not loaded. I wonder why.
> Any help is wellcome.
> Best Regards
> P.S.
> Is it possible managing the images by command line?
You can go to Extras > Manage Pictures, which will give you a list of 
the pictures, then one-by-one go down the list, Search for the correct 
directory, click on the correct jpeg from the list, then Select.

You can prevent this by saving the file originally with File > Collect 
for Output, which will collect everything together, including images.

Now, let's say you have a LARGE number of pictures, and don't want to go 
through one-by-one with Extras > Manage Pictures, and that you're 
willing to be adventuresome. It will be very helpful if your pictures 
originally and now were all in the same directory.
Load your .sla file into a plain text editor. If you look down through 
the file you will come to blocks of text that begin with "<PAGEOBJECT 
OnMasterPage...". Inside these blocks is a variable PFILE, which is the 
name of your picture file. If it is in the same directory as the .sla, 
it will just have the file name, something like 'PFILE="pic1.jpg". What 
you want to do is to to a search-and-replace from your text editor (do 
this on copy of the file for safety), replacing just the 'PFILE="' part 
with 'PFILE="/new/directory/'. If the original says 
'PFILE="../../pic1.jpg' make sure you replace everything up to the 
actual filename.
Yet another scheme: If your command says something like 
'PFILE="pics/pic1.jpg", you could make a subdirectory called pics/ and 
move all the jpegs to that directory

Surely one of these will work for you.


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