[Scribus] Scripter API Question and Templates and "Made With Scribus"

Max su Email.it l.max
Fri Feb 9 15:41:27 CET 2007

Hello, all

I'm a Scribus newbie and  I recently started using it to lay out a small 

Since I'm also a programmer, I'm also interested in the Scripter API. 
However, I haven't found anything in the API reference (release, 
Windows) about automating master page creation.

What I would like to do is create a set of left/right master page for 
each chapter and for each set, create "tabs" containing the chapter 
number at the edges of every page, each one vertically positioned 
according to the chapter number (think about yellow pages or address 
book tabs).

Is there a way to programmatically create/manipulate master pages in 
Scribus? Have I missed something in the documentation?

Moreover, is there a centralized "Scribus Template Repository" ? la 

Finally I know it is a quite shameless self-promotion, but I want to 
submit a small test I made just to push Scribus a little. It is a 8-page 
sample which tries to convey a newsmagazine feel. You can download the 
PDF *and* a .zip file containing all files needed to recreate the PDF 
(the .sla files, some photos taken by me, the fonts -- all freeware) 
from this url: http://www.roleplaying.it/scribus/

Max Lambertini

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