[Scribus] Success story and question.

Adam Lafayette atomlbomb
Thu Feb 8 15:26:55 CET 2007

Jan said:
The second is a question regarding the scribus file format.

We want to make a mass letter for fundraising (ca. 500 recipients) and our 
printshop needs them in one pdf-file. Because we want to use some graphics in 
it and want it to have a better typographie than Openoffice or MS Word could 
produce, I thought about using scribus to create the letter.

Jan Schrewe

I have a suggestion.  What if you create your letter with no addresses.
Have 500 copies printed out.  Then get some printable labels and print
out the addresses on the labels.  Then attach the labels to the letters.
I know you could print the labels out in open office or MS office.
I just don't know how it is done.  

But maybe this will not make the letter personal enough for trying to raise funds.
I think it could be an easier way of doing it then trying to stick all the address in a 
scribus file but I could be wrong.

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