[Scribus] Success story and question.

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Feb 8 13:08:19 CET 2007

Craig Bradney schrieb:
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>> Jan Schrewe schrieb:
>>> Kite Lau schrieb am Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2007:
>>>> ? 2007-02-07?? 19:14 +0100?Jan Schrewe???
>>>>> Yes, the details are exactly what  I am looking for. The Problem is
>>>>> that the
>>>>> position of the textframes is absolute. So in order to generate the
>>>>> "master
>>>>> file" with 500 pages I need to know how calculate the position and I
>>>>> didn't
>>>>> find anything in the documentation of the sla file.
>>>> You make this master file within Scribus. Why you need to know the
>>>> position?
>>> Yes, you are right. I just found out that it is possible to copy a page 
>>> n-times.
>>> Thank you all.
>>> Jan
>> Hi Jan,
>> maybe this helps you:
>> I experimented a bit with an empty document of 1 page and 1 text frame, 
>> saved it, looked at it, then added 1 page, 1 text frame, another text 
>> frame, and I found it's relatively easy to change contents etc.
>> In the file, you will find <PAGE ... NUM="0" ...> for the first page, 
>> NUM="1" for the second and so on. They all stand below each other. It 
>> was easy to copy them and add a number to get more pages.
>> Then there are page objects <PAGEOBJECT ...> several lines until 
>> In my case, there were <ITEXT ... CH="This is the text" ... > containing 
>> the text of the text frame. They are within each page object definition.
>> In the <PAGEOBJECT-definition there is one item, rather at the end of 
>> it, called e. g. OwnPage="1" for the second page. But when I altered it, 
>> the object didn't appear on another page, I don't know why. This would 
>> be necessary to add more page objects with text frames for each page. In 
>> my case, Scribus wouldn't accept alterations here and just leave the 
>> frame at its place or (in case of a newly added page object) show it at 
>> the last page before more pages were added manually.
>> But it seems to be possible, though. I guess such an approach will be 
>> easier to handle than having Scribus produce additional copies of the 
>> first page, then saving, closing, adding the texts from the database, 
>> then reloading and making pdf of it.
> FWIW, this frame creation process isn't necessary in 1.3.4cvs. 
> New doc, set page count to 500.
> Insert->Frame 
> - Set type to text
> - Set position and size
> - Set it to put a frame on all pages
> - Click ok.
> Regards
> Craig

That's really good, Craig. But it still makes it necessary to have 
Scribus make up my document and save it before the database thing can 
care about inserting addresses, doesn't it?

My approach would enable the database thing to create a 500 page 
document from a single page one and to insert all addresses at one go. 
You would need Scribus for pdf output only.

Or did I get you wrong here?


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