[Scribus] can't colorize picture

jon info
Thu Feb 8 10:46:28 CET 2007

Hi Daniel,

the only issue I am able to find is, that colors with names which 
includes blanks or special characters
don't show up in the image effects dialogue.

Self defined CMYK and RGB [spot and procedural] does work well in aqua with grayscale images.

There is a certain chance that you activated Color Management and 
therein gammut simulation - which
when activated might show you the colors which are out of gammut of 
your actual CM settings.
These seems to be buggy or at least does not function as one might 
Anyway if there are no colors out of gammut nothing would be displayed.
(Doc Prefs/Color Managment)

I would suggest to use CMYK and switch off all simulation modes, 

Tonal value is set to sth. greater than 0% - no other effects active?


Am 08.02.2007 um 09:51 schrieb dwinti:

> Hello,
> as newbie on scribus i had the following problem.
> For a flyer i used several grayscale images that i want to colourize in
> a clear blue colour.
> This colour didn't existe so i created it myself. But when i try to
> colourize my image with this colour i just get a white image. When i 
> use
> a colour provided by scribus it works very fine.
> So why couldn't i use my self defined colour with this colour change
> function??
> any Ideas?
> Daniel
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