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Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Feb 5 19:20:41 CET 2007

Axel Bojer skrev:
> jon skrev:
>> Am 05.02.2007 um 16:26 schrieb Axel Bojer:
> (...)
>>> Thus my workflow has been:
>>> 1. Import unedited image
>>> 2. Scale the image + its frame until it fits as I wish
>>> 3. Use Gimp to rescale my image to the size I found in 2)
>>> 4. Import the changed image
>>> (3 and 4 are meant to save space, I don't think you *have* to do this)
>>>   And when I am totally finished
>>> 5) Export the whole document as pdf -- then the image should be
>>> converted to CMYK by Scribus, or so I thought it was at least ...
>>> But I have a problem concerning this:
>>> Right now I got a telephone from my printer saying my pdf resulting  
>>> from
>>> these steps are not usable, but greyish instead of grasgreen.
>>> See the results yourselves here:
>>> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag- 
>>> ForSkjerm.pdf
>>> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag- 
>>> TilTrykking.pdf
>>> ("skjerm" means screen, and is the rgb variant, "Trykk" means print and
>>> is the one intended to be printed).
>>> When I look at it in XPD or Kpdf it really looks greyish, as he said  
>>> (he used Windows I suppose, at least he said he was using Acrobat), but on
>>> acrobat on Linux it show as it should, no greyish tone to it as in  
>>> xpdf.
>>>   Having repeadedly read in thes thread, that acrobat is to be trusted
>>> over all the other pdf-programs, I trusted it to be OK, but it seems
>>> not. Or is he mistaken??
>>> Now, what I have as a pdf-file is made out of many imageframes linking
>>> to the same picture. This gives a nice effect, and keeps the file  
>>> pretty
>>> small. But the printer was in doubt wether his equipment would be able
>>> to use it, I am not sure, but said I think it ought to be ok (after all
>>> this function is quite the same as in other DTP programs, so I excpect
>>> this to be no different). But he wanted me to ?flatten the image?, that
>>> is merge all my layers into one.
>> Flatten  here should mean reduce transparencies to real.
>> As your file looks - you are using transparancies wich are not  
>> printable as long as
>> your printer doesn't use sufficient equipment or ripping procedures.
>> Unauthorized rendering of transparencies sometimes leads to unwanted  
>> results.
> Yes, i sorted that thing out :-)
> The strange thing though is, is that also when all the file is just one 
> single rgb tiff file I get the same issue (grayish in kpdf and xpdf, but 
> not in acroread). Could someone on wondows (or mac perhaps) please take 
> a look at
> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-TilTrykking-BareEttBilde.pdf
> and see if it show up grayish? And then what about
> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-TilTrykking.pdf
> The latter is the one with all the layers and the transparency.
> By me they show up just the same. So how am I supposed to know if the 
> printer can use them or not? (OK, I know, I should be carefull with 
> transparency, but apart from that, I mean ...)

... and is there some way to tell (apart from the cases when you can 
spot the difference) if a pdf file has images in cmyk or in rgb, in 
Linux that is? :-)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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