[Scribus] cmyk workflow

jon info
Mon Feb 5 16:10:34 CET 2007

Am 05.02.2007 um 14:40 schrieb David Eyre:

> Just looking for some views from other users. At the
> moment, my workflow for placing images is as follows:
> 1. Create image box
> 2. Import unedited image
> 3. Edit image to open in the GIMP
> 4. Re-size and crop image
> 5. Do CMYK-separation of edited image using GIMP
> Separation plug-in

----I think scribus will do a better job here than GIMP

> 6. Save separated edited image as tif
> 7. Back into Scribus to delete unedited image from box
> contents
> 8. Import edited image tif
> Am I wasting time here? Do I really need to do the
> CMYK separation? Would the images be automatically
> CMYK-ed when I export the page to PDF?

Yes. Depending on your colormanagment settings and the type of pdf.

> Many thanks,
> David

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