[Scribus] Question "Hors Sujet": extraire Fonts d'un pdf - pdf aus pdf-file sichern - extract font-file from pdf

mamem at gmx.net mamem
Sat Feb 3 00:52:37 CET 2007

Bonjour Jon,

Thanks for your answer.
I see the legal point, no problem for that, I was wondering if it's
technical possible. I only use free fonts for my works anyway...

Google just is fine in France, I didn't find the right words to look
for, that's all... :-) (I looked for pdf font extract and had no good
So many thanks for the answer!


Le samedi 3 f?vrier 2007 ? 00:35:11, vous ?criviez :

j> Hi Martin -

j> The legal part of font extraction.
j> Most font licenses doesn't allow extraction from pd files.
j> PD or free fonts may be extracted, but I can't see the point, because 
j> they are freely available.

j> The technical part.
j> A lot of font licences (and most of newer licences) doesn't allow full
j> embedding, only subsetting.
j> In this case trying to extract the font will fail, because only used 
j> characters are embedded.
j> All I know is that kerning and hinting information will always be lost,
j> though I may be wrong.

j> If your need is to extract only one or a few graphics from a font file
j> embedded in a pdf
j> you could always use a pdf editor to open and copy the paths.

j> Knowing this you might find further information here (covering 
j> extraction of ps1 fonts):
j> http://cg.scs.carleton.ca/~luc/pdfextract.html

j> Wasn't so hard to find with google {pdf font file extraction} or does 
j> google france block this?
j> Would be an interesting fact 'bout google policies.

j> Just keep in mind that font extraction might in most cases be 
j> not-so-very-legal - depends
j> very much on the laws of your local lobbyists.

j> Jon

j> Am 02.02.2007 um 21:15 schrieb mamem at gmx.net:

>> Once I have seen a kind of How-To on Internet, but cannot find it.
>> It seems to be possible, if I have the rights (passwords?) of the
>> file?
>> The question is still open...
>> Thanks,
>> Martin

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