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Ludwig scribus
Fri Feb 2 01:54:59 CET 2007


The idea is great. But I guess it involves quite a lot more than what
Scribus is purposed for. It would be exciting if you could manage to set off
this project and I would certainly further the initiative.

If a CMS would need to be able to work with Scribus, I think it is of the
greatest importance that Scribus would support XML import. Version control
and reusability of assets would be done by the CMS and could easily be
supported by Scribus, OOo &c, once the new project has done the necessary

XML import would be nice to have sooner, and would truly show to be a great
feature for a CMS and automated typesetting/document generation. Adobe
InDesign has XML import, but it's quite tiresome; that of Quark is, to be
bold, lousy. ConTeXt does this far better and I think, hope, Scribus and
other FLOSS projects will take advantage of the work that is being done
already by the TeX community, that of ConTeXt and XeTeX in particular.


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Onderwerp: Re: [Scribus] [related] Collaborative Work with OpenOffice:

Thanks, Ben. Anyone else have an opinion?

The wiki does indeed seem to be growing. Now that we have more ideas on
there, I propose that, given the use case I posted on the wiki and the
"learning curve" and "business" realities I included, we start to work on
some high-level end-to-end publishing concepts that integrate the best tools
and practices (plus reaching out to/collaborating with other open source
projects?). This I think will focus the discussion -- nothing like trying
something to see that it doesn't quite work ;-)

So I think that as we sketch out solutions, and get past the blue-sky phase,
we'll see where the work needs to focus. Then we can somehow vote on the
best proposal and develop a project plan of sorts, letting different people
work on different parts. I know technical ability won't be our biggest

This of course requires the creation of a core team of people who would
commit to seeing this project come to life. Maybe we compile a list of
people, their skill sets, interest areas, etc.?? Out of this could evolve a
core steering group to keep the project on track. 

I think we'd need this core group, too, as a sort of "evaluation committee"
of Scribus developers (Andreas?) and others to sort through the different
proposals we get. 

I see my role as providing refinements to the use case and even playing the
role of the (non-technical) end user to keep focus on usability. I'm not a
programmer by any stretch, but I do care about getting this solution out

I'm a newbie at project management, so other suggestions are of course
welcome. But we should definitely move forward.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support so far. Let's keep moving


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