[Scribus] Debugging problems with start on OSX

Andreas Vox avox
Thu Feb 1 16:18:45 CET 2007

Lo Mac users!

There are now two persons who reported that the latest Scribus
hangs during font scanning on their system. For others it works fine
on PPC as well as on Intel.

To help me find out what this is about I would be greatful if
PPC (!) users try this:

1. open Terminal.app
2. enter "gdb /Applications/Scribus.app" (or wherever you installed  
3. enter "run" at the (gdb) prompt
4. wait until Scribus hangs
5. hit Ctrl-C in the Terminal window
6. enter "bt" at the (gdb) prompt
7. copy the output and post it here

Intel users can try to analyze the Scribus hang with Activity Monitor:

a) select the Scribus process
b) hit the blue 'i' icon for information
c) hit the analyze button
d) save the information
e) close the Analyze window
f) choose the tab "opened files and ports"
g) copy the list of open files (warning: this will reveal name of  
files on your system, esp. font files and your home directory's name)
h) post the list of open files and the analyze information here

I don't need more than 2-4 of those reports, so check here before
you post :-) Also please add your system configuration: OSX version
and processor type.



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