[Scribus] - / 1.3.4

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Dec 31 14:37:41 CET 2007

Richard wrote:
> I have just downloaded and installed and 1.3.4, last one 
> because i have read there are big improvements.
> What should i expect from 1.3.4?, should i download 1.3.5?
> I?m using scribus for the last 3 or 4 months and i'm more than 
> satisfied (except for some hangs wich i think could be me going too 
> fast), but i want to squeeze it's features as much as possible, i have 
> found 1.3.4 is faster to load a document than wich i was using 
> till yesterday.... so i would like to know wich would be the best 
> choice for the moment.
For now, stick with  If you want to experiment, and I 
emphasize 'experiment', you are better off with 1.3.5svn, since the 
broken things in 1.3.4 have only been fixed in 1.3.5svn. This having 
been said, 1.3.5+ is using qt4 instead of qt3, so you will need to add 
that before you can compile 1.3.5svn. And finally, as we have said many 
times, 1.3.4+ can load a file saved with any older version. 
or older cannot load a 1.3.4/1.3.5svn file.
> Also, i'm a spanish speaker and i have found that all versions i have 
> tested are not 100% translated so how could i help on this?, is there 
> any file on my scribus installation wich i can edit? or should i 
> suscribe to something?
muchas gracias.

you might also use IRC for some quick feedback if you have questions:



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