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Mo Awkati mawkati
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I installed Scribus on FC8
Prints from Scribus an all black page as did in FC6 - hell of a
 waste of 

Seems I can't install it on FC6 unfortunately, too many dependencies.
recommendations please.
Having a lot of issues trying to install Xpdf on FC8 because of
 depreciated files.

I'm having a dickens of a job getting a Scribus133.10 generated pdf to
 print in 
colour on FC8 I think Kpdf is broken somehow.
Can't even get the same file as an eps to print.
Stuck here
Happy New Year to all

Hi Roger

I had a similar printing problem and the answer was to change the printing command, and it works perfectly for me now. To change printer settings go through the CUPS web interface. This is the advice I was given by Greg:

Try checking Alternative Print Command in the Print dialog, then
in the box below something like
lp -dprintername
lpr -Pprintername

where printername is the name you assigned to your printer.

Hope this helps


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