[Scribus] Problem Compiling 1.3.5 on OS X

Martin Costabel costabel
Sat Dec 29 10:28:20 CET 2007

Ralf H?ling wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile Scribus 1.3.5 on my MacBook Pro with Leopard. I  
> followed the instructions on <http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Installing_Scribus_from_CVS/SVN_sources_on_Mac_OS_X/Aqua#Building_and_Installing_Scribus 
>  >
> but I have Fink installed instead of Macports. So when trying the  
> command
> Users/ralf/Applications/Scribus.app/Contents/ ../trunk/Scribus/
> ASpell or its developer libraries NOT found - Disabling support for  
> spell checking

Do you have the Fink aspell package installed?

> PoDoFo NOT found - Disabling support for PDF embedded in AI
> RPATH: lib/scribus/plugins/;
> CMake Error: This project requires some variables to be set,
> and cmake can not find them.
> Please set the following variables:

I think adding


should work. You might need to add


I am somewhat surprised, though, that it says

> FontConfig Found OK

although it found neither the FONTCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR nor apparently the 
FONTCONFIG_LIBRARY. This may be a bug in the FONTCONFIGConfig.cmake file 
in the scribus sources.


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