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Jeffrey L. Place sports
Fri Dec 28 17:25:58 CET 2007

I am pretty much a one-man show with my publication.

I like inputting the text directly into the layout for a tight work flow.
I used InDesign before my switch to Linux and it had it.

I have been publishing sine 1991 and just found it helps speed up my
publishing effort. The less that I have to switch between programs, the
faster everything is.


Jeff Place

> Cedric Sagne wrote:
>> IMPACT: A spell checker encourages copy writers to request last minute
>>  changes instead of getting the spellcheck done when it is due. The
>> impact on good practice is twofold as although word spelling is within
>>  reach of computers, style changes, grammar, vocabulary changes are
>> not. If copy writers get into the habit of changing their text after
>> it is  handed over to design, they can become iteration champions.
> Unfortunately, in my experience it's relatively common to see last
> minute change requests and plenty of back-and-forth between the layout
> and editorial people. Technological issues like the lack of a spelling
> checker do not stop it - all they seem to do is make it less efficient.
> A good, well organised workflow in the right kind of organisation is
> unlikely to need the spelling checker. They might use it as an
> additional safeguard or might not, but won't be massively affected
> either way. If an organisation's workflow isn't well set up and there is
>  a lot of last minute editing going on, then a built-in spelling checker
>  is likely to make that quicker and more reliable. I don't see the
> spelling checker as encouraging bad practices in multi-user workflows so
>  much as helping already bad ones stagger along better and maybe adding
> a  little polish to good ones.
> Users who're doing the writing and layout themselves, though, will
> probably find it more convenient to be able to edit directly in Scribus
> - and really, there's nothing wrong with that. For a big body of text
> you're better off with a word processor, but there are definitely times
> it's more efficient to just put together some content directly in the
> DTP app. Additionally, DTP newbies will probably do this no matter what
> people advise, and aren't going to be stopped by the lack of a spelling
> checker.
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