[Scribus] drop shadow

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Dec 27 23:05:03 CET 2007

Jeffrey L. Place wrote:
> Can you do a drop shadow with a graphic?
If you have a rectangular or polygon shape for the frame it is possible --

1. the drop shadow you can do with Scribus is going to be similar to 
what Scribus does for text drop shadows -- make a copy of the frame, 
convert to polygon, make the fill color the shadow color, put it behind 
you image, and position to your liking. The disappointment is going to 
be like that with shadow text -- the edges are sharp.

2. I've just played around with an image that had a small figure (our 
dog) and transparent background. What I did there was to make a copy, 
put it behind, then in Colors pull back on the Opacity to make a 
shadow-like effect (Opacity doesn't just apply to the fill color, but 
the image itself also). Perhaps suitable for some uses -- again, sharp 
edges. You also try some image effects available from the Context Menu.

3. If you want a feathered shadow -- put your image in Gimp, make it 
there then import to Scribus.


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