[Scribus] spellcheck for Scribus

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Thu Dec 27 12:43:38 CET 2007

1) Most importantly... can it be disabled?
Scribus can get slow with large documents, large amounts of text. I am 
worried a complex feature like this will threaten the stability of the 

2) FACT: In a proper work flow, text is spell-checked before being 
inserted, and design is a separate work from copy writing, possibly even 
done by different people.

WHY: This is meant to reduce the overhead on the designer, ensure a step 
by step which will reduce iterations (costly in time).

GOOD PRACTICE: It is good practice even when you have to do everything: 
spotting a typo and changing your text when everything is nearly 
finished is also a safe way to get a typo all the way in your final output.

IMPACT: A spell checker encourages copy writers to request last minute 
changes instead of getting the spellcheck done when it is due. The 
impact on good practice is twofold as although word spelling is within 
reach of computers, style changes, grammar, vocabulary changes are not.
If copy writers get into the habit of changing their text after it is 
handed over to design, they can become iteration champions.

CONCLUSION: In short, and apart from the software stability viewpoint, 
the work flow impact seems to offset the gains, especially when 
dedicated word processors do that task very well.


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