[Scribus] spellcheck for Scribus

Scott scotbicknel
Wed Dec 26 03:49:55 CET 2007

On Tuesday 25 December 2007 6:34:42 pm John Thornton wrote:

> In general, it's a much better idea to write and spellcheck
> your text _before_
> you insert it into Scribus. Scribus is layout program, no word
> processor or text editor.

> You can save any text created in Scribus as plain text, either
> by using File Export > Save Text for a single text frame or use
> the script 
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Extracting_All_Text_from_a_D
> ocument.
> You will lose all formatting, though.
> 1.3.5 might be shipped with a spell checker. The code is
> written, but it still
> needs some polish.
> OK, as a slave to Mr Gates I usually work with his evil
> Microsoft junk.
> So what do I do? I gather that I cannot import from word into
> scribus. Is there a workaround if I save word as html? If so
> how do I save in html and import to scribus?
> My other option would be to get openoffice and start using
> that? :)

That is one option. You could also install a text editor that has 
a spellcheck option. You can use Notepad++ along with Aspell.

Or if you still want to use Word (this is going to sound as 
ridiculous as it is) you can create your text in Word and 
convert it to ODF with OpenOffice to preserve the formatting 
before importing to Scribus. I _DID_ warn you it would sound 
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