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claas kuhnen info
Wed Dec 26 03:57:19 CET 2007


Use Google Docs. I love that tool.
I write all my text in it. I have good
spell checking in there and I can access
my text from every computer.

Forget Word, it is simply crap.

The beauty of google docs is that you can
also collaborate.
You can publish the text online and also give them access
to edit it.
Google docs also saves the revisions for you.
This way you have a central place for your docs and no hassle with
multiple text file versions or others.

Google Docs worked very well also for my academic job, where I have
to share texts with faculty peers.

Best of all, you have a hardware crash and you do not lose your text.
Google Docs has a nice interface to also sort and store your text files.

It is simple, but it does the job of word processing very fine.

I agree with Christoph - write somewhere else and set in Scribus.

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