[Scribus] Paint or vector graphics program with charcoal drawing emulation

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Dec 24 02:39:57 CET 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> There is this link:
> http://objectmix.com/graphics/138489-can-anyone-help-me-find-charcoal-filter-gimp-2-2-a.html
> which suggests using ImageMagick.
> I tried it out, and I guess I would say it depends on what you want this 
> to look like. It looks like charcoal, after a fashion, though it 
> probably depends on the input image.
> Probably worth a try. If you've never used ImageMagick, the executable 
> is 'display' as in 'display yourimage.png'. Then left-click the image, 
> which brings up a menu. Choose F/X > Charcoal Draw...
Perhaps worth pursuing -- I tried this ImageMagick effect, then imported 
to Gimp and blurred -- looked promising.
See what you think.


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