[Scribus] Scripter API

Petr Vaněk petr
Sun Dec 23 14:56:04 CET 2007

hi Joachim,

On ne 23. prosince 2007, Joachim Neu wrote:
> I thought it would be nice to have an object-oriented view for the
> python scriptplugin instead of only a collection of functions.
> So I yesterday implemented a document-object to see if I can do this
> (I'm not so good in C++.) and it worked.

Manual implementation of "scribus object model for python" cannot be done 
IMHO. It will take years of work and it will be broken everytime there will 
be a change in the "core". We can see it in the current Scripter. It always 
contains bugs due changes in underlying methods.

> So (if possible) I'd like to implement this feature. I also found a
> folder called "scripter2" within the scriptplugin-directory which looks
> like a object-oriented rebuild of the scripterplugin but it seems not to
> be useable.
> So maybe someone can give me a hint what "scripter2" is and how I can
> contribute to it, if this is the next generation of the scripter-api. If
> not I'd be glad to hear what you think about my idea.

There was a short debate about this one:

Scripter2 directory was a Craig Ringer's boost:python testing stuff. It has 
not been ever maintained. And there are no plans to do anything with it.

We should make some decision about the future of Scribus scripting.

Maybe we can take one "technology" named in the previous posts: Craig's 
BOOST::PYTHON or Hennig's "Pure Python" playground and polish it for real 

Guys (Craig, Hennig), can you look at it too, please? And discuss some 
pros/cons of your solutions?

all the best

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