[Scribus] ADF fonts new release

Hirwen HARENDAL harendalh
Sat Dec 22 18:48:44 CET 2007

The ADF fonts pack V1.08 is available and only containing work derived from ghostscript PS fonts. I decided to edit my own stuff under GNU General public License. So the Baskervald family can be now downloaded under this license. The others families will be comming soon... Next year.
Other stuff with this up-date:
After 6 months of work, the Gillius families are availables under two versions:
- GilliusADF is a purified version of GillSansMT, especialy in order to make publications with a clear rendering, changing of the traditional Arial or Helvetica uses.
- GilliusADFNo2 is much closer to the GillSansMT than the first, and make to be a real alternative without the aim to copy the original.
Under development and for 2008:
- An Unicode version of GilliusADF (hi cedric) in OTF
- Berenis No2 is finished and was theoretically to be published with this update. However, I would like to make some adjustments before...
- Fenelris, Libris, Romance, Tribun after a general revision.
- Probably some other fonts in function of the work done and of what available to deepest of my hard drive... (Lapidulis, kouros, kongaya, OldCaslon, Bodonis...)
About VenturisADF: the complet collection can be downloaded on CTAN servers.
Merry Christmas to all.
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