[Scribus] Scribus query

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Dec 18 14:36:48 CET 2007

Reshma Tendulkar wrote:
> Good evening,
> The Scribus version which I have installed on my system (Windows) is 
> <>.
> when I try to create a round image with the text flowing around it, my 
> words breaks which looks very  ugly. What should I do in order to 
> avoid  breaking of words while the words/text flows around the image?
This is part of the "art" of using Scribus. You will find that small 
shapes, shapes with sharp curves are going to be hard to work with, 
especially if line length of the text is short.

Similarly, trying to do full justification with short line length can 
look quite ugly.

I think you have to adjust the layout to get the result you're looking 
for. Maybe try using Text Flows around Contour Line will help, editing 
your Contour Line to see if you can make it work.


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