[Scribus] python shell and exported functions

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Dec 16 11:15:27 CET 2007

Joachim Neu wrote:
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> Hello everybody,
> I downloaded the Scribus code and was searching the code where the
> python shell and the python api is exported. I could not find it, so
> please tell me: In which file(s) can I find this part?

Scribus embeds the Python interpreter. The interpreter setup code and 
the `scribus' module are both implemented in scribus/plugins/scriptplugin .

> As I'm not yet on the ML, please send the answer to my email address.

The list is configured not to accept mail from non-subscribed addresses; 
the mail has to be hand delivered by an admin. This tends to be slow. 
You're probably better off subscribing or using a service like nabble.

Craig Ringer

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