[Scribus] question

Jeffrey L. Place sports
Wed Dec 12 15:21:42 CET 2007

I have a question.

(I have tried Scribus 1.33.9 and 1.34.)

I cannot get Scribus to print when I have pictures or intensive graphics
on my page.

I publish a sports newspaper and when I try to print from Scribus, it
sends it to my printer and then it does not print.

I use Ubuntu 7.4 and use an HP LaserJet 8000 printer. It has almost 100mb
of memory.

I have scaled my pictures down and the biggest photo is 200kb in size.

I can duplicate a similar page in OpenOffice writer and I have no problems

I do use postscript and I prefer it because I print all of my own stuff.

Jeffrey L. Place
Sports Place Media

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