[Scribus] pictures

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Dec 12 03:46:43 CET 2007

Joan Hill wrote:
> I am having problems inserting pictures.  It seems if the picture is 
> too large for the frame, their is no way for me to "shrink" the 
> picture down to fit the frame.  I have not had this problem in 
> Publisher or other programs, so it is probably something that I am 
> doing or not doing.
> I am on the final layout, so if anyone has a quick answer, sent 
> directly to me.
2 useful things:

1. Properties: Image tab: Scale Image to Frame Size

2. Context Menu (right click on frame): Adjust Frame to Image

If you do these two after one another you can make a frame exactly the 
size of the picture.


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