[Scribus] Old Python Script Crashing

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Dec 5 17:50:39 CET 2007

Henry Hartley wrote:
> A few years ago (2004, to be precise) I wrote, with some advice from
> this list, a script that generated a calendar in Scribus.  As the year
> draws to a close, I was thinking I might create a calendar for next year
> so I pulled out the script and tried to run it in a more recent Scribus
> but it won't run.
> I have Scribus 1.3.4 on Windows XP and Python 2.5.  I found and fixed a
> number of problems with the script.  I have in the code, I bunch of
> places where objects, either Image or Text, are created and then
> appended to an Objects collection.  Please excuse me if I use the wrong
> terms but I don't really know Python -- Perl and PHP are more my thing.
> Anyway, take these four lines of code:
>   ob = createImage(Xmgn, Ymgn, dayw*7, ImgHt, "Image" + str(Mn))
>   Objects.append(ob)
>   ob = createText(Xmgn, 2*Ymgn+ImgHt, dayw*7, TextHt, "Text" + str(Mn))
>   Objects.append(ob)
> The third line, where I try to create the text object causes an error
> that identifies that line and says:
>   NameExistsError: An object with the requested name already exists.
If you look at the naming of frames you will see that they progress this 
Image1, Text2, Text3, Image4....
so the last digit(s) should be unique.
Try incrementing or altering "Mn" or use a naming scheme with keys, or 
....(your choice).


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