[Scribus] The colors from the print are not expected.

Vladimir Savic vladimir.firefly.savic
Tue Dec 4 03:06:11 CET 2007

On Tuesday 04 December 2007 03:05:45 am Richard wrote:
> I think you should take account about every ink differs from the others.
> While some inks are based on clycerne, there are others based on
> alcohol, the dry process and time defere so the ressults due to pigment
> concentration and ink viscosity.
> Everything must be take in account.

Add here the paper specifications: whiteness of paper weight, emulsion 
(without or gloss emulsion, etc.), paper additives, etc.

I know at least 10 different blacks that can came out of print (all are 
100%K). Beware that printing industry is probably one with least standards. 
Even if there are some, they're hard to achieve.

The always applicable hint: Be good (really good :) ) with your printer and 
ask for directions while designing.

Sorry for popping in...

Best wishes,

> Creo que deber?as tomar en cuenta que cada tinta difiere de las demas.
> Mientras algunas tintas estan basadas en glicerina, otras estan basadas
> en alcohol, etilenglicol, el proceso y tiempo de secado difiere y
> tambien los resultados debido a la concentraci?n de pigmento y
> viscosidad de la tinta.
> Se debe tomar en cuenta todo.
> El 03/12/2007 02:16 p.m., Adolfo Jos? S?ez Folgado escribi?:
> > Hello everybody, I have this problem:
> > My work with scribus is a catalog that contains some 158 color
> > photographs in jpg format. All files have been treated with Corel Draw
> > to give them the size and resolution to be used in the catalog (480.06
> > x 360.00 pt with a resolution of 400 dpi) color profiles for all
> > photos is sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
> > Color Management in Scribus I activated the color settings for RGB
> > Pictures, solid colors as sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK Pictures
> > Euroscale (EFI).
> > The profile of entry of all photographs in the catalog in Scribus is
> > sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
> > When exported to PDF file I tested several options but the outcome of
> > color printing is not expected (the colors are different from the
> > reality).
> > The print is not CMYK but a laser printer that emulates the system
> > even if you have separate CMYK colors think this is not the same, no?
> > What I have to take into account, Color Management or on the screen to
> > save as PDF to get a color most real? Why different color printers get
> > results so different from the same PDF?
> > Thanks
> > Adolfo - Valencia - Spain
> >
> >
> > Hola a todos, tengo este problema:
> > Mi trabajo con scribus es un cat?logo que contiene unas 158
> > fotograf?as a color en formato jpg. Todos los archivos han sido
> > tratados con Corel Draw para darles el tama?o y la resoluci?n que se
> > utilizar? en el cat?logo (480.06 x 360.00 pt con una resoluci?n de 400
> > ppp) el perfil de color para todas las fotos es sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
> > En color Management en Scribus tengo activados los ajustes de color
> > para RGB Pictures, colores s?lidos como sRGB IEC61966-2.1 y CMYK
> > Pictures Euroscale (EFI).
> > El perfil de entrada de todas las fotograf?as en el cat?logo en
> > Scribus es sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
> > Cuando exporto el archivo a PDF he probado varias opciones pero el
> > resultado de color en la imprenta no es el esperado (los colores son
> > distintos a la realidad).
> > La imprenta no es CMYK sino una impresora laser que emula este sistema
> > aunque tenga los colores CMYK separados creo que esto no es lo mismo
> > ?no?
> > ?Qu? tengo que tener en cuenta, en Color Management o en la pantalla
> > de guardar como PDF para conseguir un color lo mas real posible? ?Por
> > qu? distintas impresoras obtienen resultados de color tan diferentes
> > de un mismo PDF?
> > Gracias
> > Adolfo - Valencia - Espa?a

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