[Scribus] Scribus for Scientific Posters?

Martin Costabel costabel
Sat Dec 1 10:37:10 CET 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Lars Behrens wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I'm working in a physical institute here.
>> What's driving me (and them) insane is the scientists using OOo or Power Point 
>> for creating A0 posters for conferences.
>> So I'm thinking of introducing the physics to Scribus as a poster creation 
>> application, but I'm not sure if Scribus is yet far enough for that.
>> What concerns me is:
>> * Formulas
> One thing you're not saying is whether these posters are done as one 
> large in-line printing process or whether it is made up of small 
> components attached to a board of some sort. If it's the latter, LaTeX 
> itself is by far the best way to go -- just pull out the formula, print 
> on a separate page.

At the mathematical conferences I have been attending recently, the 
standard for posters is to use LaTeX for the whole poster. Not for text 
pages glued together afterwards, but for complete A0 posters with all 
kinds of graphics mixed with text. Here are two examples:

Some are doing it with PowerPoint (and I guess OOo will be similar), but 
the inferior quality of the mathematical formulas sticks out.

> Otherwise, as has been said, the ability to use LaTex in frames in 
> 1.3.5svn is coming along nicely -- still you will have to learn formula 
> creation in LaTeX.

As long as Scribus does not allow to include pdfs as pdfs, but insists 
on creating bitmaps, it will not compete. Pixelization at 300 dpi for an 
A4-sized poster is getting absurd.


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