[Scribus] .sla.gz file association in Windows

Marcin Szafran jm_sz
Thu Aug 30 14:30:09 CEST 2007

second part...

>>>> maybe compressed Scribus' docs should have different ext (.slagz for
>>>> example - unfortunatelly slag is not quite good ;)?
>>> Maybe ".slz" ?
>> good, i think :)
>> developers, what do you think about it?
> We have previously discussed changing the format extensions when we make
> more format changes later in the 1.3.x series, which will then have a second
> mimetype attached. (sla is vnd.scribus)
in windows shell(s) files (filetypes!!!) are recognized by extensions 
not mimetypes - i think that makes a problem: .sla.gz files can be 
handled by scribus and linux' (also macos?) shells/window managers as 
mimetypes but you cannot create filetype with miltipart ext in windows, 
so you cannot handle it through shell.
i didn't try gzipped sla docs (and didn't know the discussion about 
format extensions) - that is why i proposed - here and now - new ext, 
which can be handled by windows
(i hope you can understand what i wrote, in spite of that terrible 
grammatic errors etc; i'm afraid, i have to re-learn english... sorry ;)

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