[Scribus] Predefined colours

David Christian Berg david
Fri Aug 24 01:59:59 CEST 2007

Hey guys!

While I think Scribus is heading the right direction and I really love
the SVG import feature and the great PDF export, it is very unresponsive
in text editing for me, which is why I hardly use it.
However, when I do use it, I really get annoyed by all the predefined
So firstly I want to ask if there is some way of taking them out for all
new documents.
Secondly I would suggest to make that the default and instead of having
a bunch of in my opinion useless colours (projects usually have
corporate colours anyways) making it easier to add a new colour, by
placing a "new" button in the colour choosing section of the properties

Keep up the good work!

I hope to abandon Adobe InDesign with Scribus 1.5 :D


PS: I love the Tango icons!

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