[Scribus] Reworking LSI cover template.

John R. Culleton john
Sat Aug 18 23:38:38 CEST 2007

I received a (free) cover layout template prperly set up for a book 
with x number of pages and y paper type. Those details aren't 
critical. I could have come up with my own in Scribus, but I am 
looking for an easy path for others. 

The file is in EPS format. I didn't like the placement of the barcode 
area but in Scribus I was able to doubleclick on it and move it. So 
far so good.  BTW did that move  convert the barcode ffrom vector to 

Now I want to crop the page to its true dimensions plus bleeds of 
course.  In Gimp this is simple, but I don't want to build the page 
in Gimp. How do I crop a page image in Scribus? Do I set up another 
page with smaller dimensions and move the first page to it? 

John Culleton
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