[Scribus] Broken Glyph Using Professional Font

HARENDAL .h harendalh
Tue Aug 14 15:44:27 CEST 2007

>From: Will Kamishlian I'm attempting to use a professional font -- "Goudy 
>Old Style Small and
>OSF" -- however, I cannot get it to load in Sribus. I receive an error
>that I've seen posted regarding free fonts; however, this font is not free.

** You can have very good free fonts too... :-)

>Loading font /usr/share/fonts/my_serif/GoudyOldStyleSmallCapsandOSF.ttf 
>(found using fontconfig)
>Font /usr/share/fonts/my_serif/GoudyOldStyleSmallCapsandOSF.ttf has broken 
>glyph 65535 (charcode 65535)
>I've searched for an answer

** In  font attributes, ulCharRange (define all code ranges) by there 
65536 = UR1_BENGALI. It's only can I give you as answer.
If this one is on or not !?! only edit souce can say that.

>Oddly, several of fonts in the Linotype Goudy OS family gave me problems
>on installation. Normally, I install the fonts to a directory included
>in my xorg.conf and then run 'font-cache -fv ./' within that directory.
>Scribus finds the fonts on restart.

** If my mind is good, Lino use its own software to make font and work
perfectly in windows. But I don't know how linux interpreter work with
codes and tables make with or like this. Perhaps lino not use the same thing 
calculate UR and CR. Realy I don't know.

>In the case of the Goudy OS family...

** Sure that isn't the fault of scribus. Is this font family is an old one?
New fonts come from Linotype insert a mysterious table called "lino"...

>"Goudy Old Style Small Caps and OS" is the only font, of over 600 fonts,
>that Scribus reports as broken. Unfortunately, it is a font that I need
>for a current document, and a font that I will need for subsequent
>That said, I would be truly grateful for any help. I have been simply
>happy with Scribus and prefer it over InDesign that I tried sometime
>back. The developers are to be commended for coming up with a superiour
>product in such short order.

** and thanks to them... And don't stop to use Scribus :-)

** About your font:
- Try to refresh it, by using a safe copy ( ALWAYS MAKE A COPY OF YOUR
FONTS AND LICENSES) if you haven't try this way.
- You can used tools to regenerated or dump your font:
- Microsoft tools aren't easy to use without font knowledge. So,
if you have problems, contact me off-list to see what's it's possible
to do for you.


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