[Scribus] Aqua and Ghostscript

Wesley T Allen wezlo
Mon Aug 13 01:26:04 CEST 2007

I have to admit that I've never read the mac threads very well because I've 
never had a mac to bother paying attention.  Now our church office has one 
and I'm trying to get Scribus installed on it.  The directions 
at "aqua.scribus.net" are nice - but I'm kinda stuck at this one:

"Download and unpack ScribusAqua-1.3.4. Move Scribus.app to some convenient 
folder, eg. /Applications."

I can't find a ghostscript package for mac to install - where can I find this?

Thanks for the help in advance, I'm looking forward to being a three-platform 
user of Scribus.


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